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You all know the old saying from your former life. “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”Well, my dead friends, I’ve got news for you. Same goes for the netherworld.
Let’s face it, the afterlife doesn’t run on smiles and high-fives. It takes cash — and lots of it! — just to keep the lights on. Do you think The Ferryman works for free? And what about the hell hounds? Won’t somebody please think of the hell hounds?!

Hell hound.

That’s where we come in.


Media Press Kit
We’re the Department of Skullduggery, the collection division of the Infernal Revenue Service. Our mission is simple: We collect unpaid debts from the criminal deadbeats of the underworld by any means necessary.


      Just look at these guys.


But a good agent is hard to find! So much so that we’ve stepped up our recruitment efforts to include those still amongst the living. We’ve hired a team of breathers from the world above at ClutchPlay Games to create the Netherworld’s first Physics-Based Tax Collection Simulator, Skullduggery!, with the intention of pre-screening pre-expired candidates.

We think ClutchPlay nailed it dead on, but seeing is believing, so feast your sockets on this teaser:

 In Skullduggery! you will be issued your own Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull to propel yourself through the bowels of the Underworld:

  • Leverage the elasticity of your own brain
  • Unearth hidden coins and treasures
  • Slow-down time and thread the needle between deadly obstacles and enemies
  • Play ‘HEAD to HEAD’ against your friends and fellow applicants
  • Fill out paperwork and reflect on the inherent emptiness of existence

Skullduggery! is coming to iOS and Android, and will be available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store for Android. ClutchPlay knows what will happen to them if the game isn’t ready by Fall of 2014, and let us assure you, it won’t be pretty!


Interested in learning more about career opportunities beyond the grave? We have many resources available:

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Thank you for visiting the Department of Skullduggery.
We will be processing you shortly.

Doug Skullery, Supervisor
Department of Skullduggery
Collection Division of the Infernal Revenue Service
In coordination with ClutchPlay Games

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